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Can my existing garage door be automated?

Certain models and types of garage doors can be automated, according to our experts in garage door repair West Linn. The tracked and sectional type can be easily automated, along with side hung and round the corner doors. Rollover type is usually built automated.

My door opens using the remote but it does not close. What seems to be the problem?

The problem might be the sensors mounted near the floor. These should be free of obstructions, but be careful in identifying this problem. Do not attempt to close the door that is out of track.

What makes an opener with rolling code technology special?

This type of technology provides a higher level of security. It does this by changing the access code automatically every time you use the clicker to open the garage door. In this way, it will be virtually impossible for anyone to learn the code and open the door using a transmitter.

Can I access my garage with my cell phone?

Some manufacturers have made it easy for you to open your garage with your cell phone. You may want the convenience of opening your garage door via your cell phone, yet it requires a supporting opener and the proper application for your smart phone.

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