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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Garage Door Repair Services

4.62 based on 4 user reviews.

Garage Door Repair West Linn

Reviewed by George L. Greenwood
My door started giving warning signs lately. However, I never really paid attention until it finally gave up and quit working. In desperation I called several companies to ask for a quote. Some quotes were high and one company even offered to replace the entire door unit that was beyond my budget. Fortunately, I came across garage door repair West Linn. They offered a reasonable quote and never tried to sell a new door. Instead, they came up with the best possible solution to resolve the issue. Their service was prompt and efficient and the technicians were professional and friendly.
Rating: 5

Garage Door Repair services

Reviewed by Lori J. Sears
Door cables working great now My garage door cables were a little problematic and I had no idea how to fix it. So I decided to call a professional for help. I searched for repair companies online and I was impressed with the services offered by garage door repair West Linn. I checked the reviews and they were positive. I decided to hire them and so glad that they really lived up to my expectations. They were able to provide prompt service and the technician came on time and really knew his job. He explained everything and it was great to see him at work.
Rating: 4

They Did a Wonderful Job as Expected

Reviewed by Sherry M. Miller
I bought this house, which needed some repair on the garage door. I knew who I needed to call. Garage Door Repair Company in West Linn is the company that maintains the garage door in our old home and they always provide fantastic service. I gave them a call and got a schedule for the repair on my day off, which was very convenient. On the date of repair, the guys called before going to the new house. They arrived on time, were courteous, and most importantly, they fixed the problem so the garage door is good as new. As expected, they did a wonderful job.
Rating: 5

Trust this garage door company

Reviewed by Kathleen J. Murphy
For as long as I rely on the work of Garage Door Repair West Linn, every complication I had with my overhead door was solved leaving us a well-functioning garage door. These things are not accidental. Before I first hired this company I had plenty of problems. Now I have none. That means something! They arrive for maintenance and are meticulously thorough. Mostly, I appreciate their prompt response to my calls for even the smallest of problems. They are awesome and trustworthy.
Rating: 4.5

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