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A few suggestions on how to maintain garage doors never hurt! Read some of the most useful tips here

Taking care of your residential garage door

Residential garage door is not as regularly used as their commercial or business counter parts. But the experts in our garage door company still recommend they'd be given proper and regular maintenance attention. Be sure to clean and lubricate the parts every two months.

When cleaning and lubricating your garage door cables

Be very careful when cleaning and lubricating garage door cables. They are very much alike the torsion springs in that they can potentially be deadly if mishandled. Do not try to replace or repair anything related to the cables on your own.

The Liftmaster control panel is smart

They are called smart control panels and they are really brilliant. They give you diagnostics for the condition of the system and inform you when it is necessary to call Garage Door Repair West Linn for opener maintenance. They will even give you the temperatures of the garage.

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